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New privacy laws make it imperative that you use a secure chat platform

Chat is a powerful way to deliver timely, effective customer engagement. However, new data privacy laws have made it imperative that organizations use a chat platform that conforms to standards such as GDPR and even HIPAA regulations.

Stricter data privacy and security laws have emerged both internationally and in many US states with severe penalties for non-compliance. Companies operating in or engaging with customers in these locales need to stay informed to ensure compliance.

Firms across the nation need to prepare sooner rather than later to stay in front of this global trend.

We'll help your business meet critical security requirements

LiveChatSquad is an industry leader in secure customer engagement. Our omnichannel chat solutions support the entire customer journey throughout acquisition, expansion, and retention — all in one highly secure platform.

LiveChatSquad is compliant with HIPAA and GDPR. This means we are compliant with the most rigorous privacy laws emerging both internationally and in the US. With LiveChatSquad, you won’t have to worry about making sure you are always up to speed with any new data security and privacy law amendments.

We do that work for you.

Enable secure conversations across the entire customer journey

Peace of mind delivered

Reduce the risk of cyber attacks, protect critical assets, and keep your data access points protected.

LiveChatSquad is SOC 2 certified. We’re committed to the highest standards of industry-recognized accreditation to ensure our customers’ data is secure and protected.

Single Sign-On (SSO) via SAML 2.0 and Microsoft Active Directory Federation Server (ADFS).

SSL and double-layer encryption to encrypt all communications end-to-end.

Enable safeguarded and compliant business operations with secure data transfer. Includes secure credit card collection, data masking and PCI compliant live chat.

Limit data access and prevent data breach with access rules, permissions, and audit logs.

We take data privacy and compliance seriously. Find out about our HIPAA and GDPR-compliant chat options including EU instances, data deletion tools, and more.

Visitor Identity Verification for businesses who communicate with authenticated users (signed into an application, portal or other backend system).

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