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Why Do Most Customers Prefer Live Chat Support? | Live Chat Support

Technological development has resulted in a significant shift in customer behavior. Until recently, listing your call center number and social network icons on your website was sufficient; however, clients now want real-time communication and prefer it online. They will simply leave if you do not satisfy their requests. As a result, live chat help has grown in popularity and has been established as a preferred option for customers seeking assistance.

This blog post by Live Chat Squad will delve into why live chat support has become the go-to option for most customers and the benefits of this technology.

Quick Response Time: | Live Chat Support

According to statistics, approximately 60% of customers prefer to receive a response or get support within a maximum of 10 minutes after contacting the customer support team. This indicates that customers have high expectations when it comes to response times. They don’t like waiting in long queues or navigating confusing IVR systems to speak with a representative. They prioritize quick and efficient assistance when they require support.

With live chat support, customers can get their queries resolved in real-time without any delays. This instant gratification gives them a sense of satisfaction and builds their trust in the brand.


Another significant advantage of live chat service is its convenience. Customers can access support from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Unlike phone support, customers don’t have to be on hold for extended periods or face the inconvenience of dropped calls or poor connectivity. According to a recent study, 73% of customers expressed greater satisfaction with live chat as compared to email and phone. Live chat support allows customers to multitask, browse the website, and continue with their daily activities while receiving support.

Personalization: | Live Chat Support

Live chat support provides a personalized experience to customers. Agents can use chat transcripts and customer data to tailor their responses and provide personalized recommendations. This personalized approach shows customers that their concerns are being heard and addressed, and they are not just another number in a queue.

Ease of Use:

Live chat service is also incredibly easy to use. Customers can initiate a chat session with a few clicks, and agents can provide step-by-step guidance to resolve customer queries. This ease of use is especially advantageous for customers who may not be tech-savvy or comfortable using phone support.

Multilingual Support:

Many businesses now offer multilingual support through live chat. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses with a worldwide consumer base. Customers can chat with agents in their native language, making the interaction more comfortable and effective. In fact, a study conducted by Common Sense Advisory found that over 70% of customers are more inclined to buy a service or product if the information is provided in their native language. This feature enhances customer satisfaction and helps businesses establish themselves as global players.

Documented Record: | Live Chat Support

Live chat support provides a documented chat record between the customer and the agent. Both parties can use this record to reference previous conversations, monitor customer queries, and evaluate the effectiveness of the support provided. This feature helps businesses identify common customer pain points and improve customer support processes.


Finally, live chat support is cost-effective for businesses. Phone support can be expensive due to infrastructure, equipment, and personnel costs. On the other hand, live chat services require minimal infrastructure and can be handled by a small team of agents. This cost-effectiveness allows businesses to allocate their resources to other essential business areas.

Ending Note:

Nowadays, customer expectations are higher than ever before. They want quick and efficient support, personalized interactions, and the ability to multitask while seeking assistance. Live chat support offers all these benefits, making it the preferred choice for customers worldwide. By providing this technology, businesses can elevate their customer support game and provide a memorable experience for their clients.

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